The Laboratoire de bioinformatique at UQAM focuses on developing algorithmic, statistical, and machine learning methods for biological data interpretation. We develop methods for ancestral genome analyses, evolutionary dynamics of gene tree in tree of life, microRNAs post regulation effects, understanding interplay between Human Papilloma Viruses and cancer. Our lab is affiliated to the centre PharmaQAM and the Computer Science department at the Université du Québec à Montréal.
The 2019 ICML Workshop on Computational Biology ICML-WCB 2019
Long Beach, CA, USA (June 14-15, 2019)
Deadline for submissions : April 30, 2019
The 3rd edition of the Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence (BAI) will take place in Melbourne as a workshop at IJCAI-17.
Take a look at the Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence (BAI) workshop, IJCAI 2016 pk CEURS proceedings. The special issue of Journal of Computational Biology will be available soon
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