Ancestral Genome Reconstruction

  • Ancestral sequences reconstruction
  • Insertion and deletion in comparative genomes
  • Statistical Alignment
  • profile-profile Alignment
  • Stochastic model conception

SmallRNA profiling

  • Predictiction and characterization of microRNAs in the wheat genome under different stress condition
  • Understanding the molecular mechanisms involving miRNAs that regulate plant responses to abiotic stresses as well as the floral transition to flowering in hexaploid wheat
  • Functional classification of miRNAs based on the biological and physiological functions of their target genes
  • Computational prediction of microRNAs based on structural properties of the putative miRNA-miRNA* duplex

Workflows in bioinformatics

  • Development of a platform for bioinformatic tasks automation with simplified acces to popular web ressources (Databases and programs)
  • Facilitate bioinformatics education
  • Worflow datamining in bioinformatics
  • Workflow refactoring

Virus Classification

  • Genome annotation, genotyping and classification of Viruses
  • Identification of sets of patterns in the genome that correlate with the level of risk of the viruses

Data Mining

  • Mining Hierarchical Generalized Sequential Patterns
  • Ontologie enhancement in bioinformatics

Tree of Life

  • Gene tree and species tree reconstruction in maximum likelihood framework
  • Horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes (Complete and partial transfers)
  • Reconciliation scenarios

Synthetic data generation

  • Prediction of missing data in phylogenetics
  • Synthetic microRNAs and functions
  • Consensus sequences
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